The Fort Rickey Season Pass offers great savings for Central New York families. The Season Pass covers unlimited visits all summer long! It also includes unlimited visits to the Fall Fun Festival.

Families with young children can enjoy the option to “drop in” for an hour before or after naptime. There’s no need to feel compelled to stay longer to “get your money’s worth”. Snuggle with some new baby goats in the Maternity Ward, stop for some fun on the new Pillow bounce, get a refreshing cold drink and head home for naptime. Repeat as often as you want!

The record number of visits using the season’s pass is 26!

See our calculator below.

Season Pass For Rickey Zoo

How much is a Fort Rickey Season Pass?

The cost of the pass is simply two times your one time admission. So, for a child aged 2 to 15, the cost is $8.25 times 2 = $16.50 (plus tax). For an adult aged 16 and up, the cost is $10.25 times 2 = $20.50 (plus tax). As always, children UNDER TWO are free.

Calculate your season pass costs and fill out your contact information to request a season pass using the form below.


If you choose this great offer, simply fill out our form to calculate your family’s season pass cost and to request your season passes. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Or let us know on your first visit and we will take care of the registration at that time.

The Season’s Pass makes a great gift for family fun with huge savings and convenience! Have questions? Call: 315-336-1930.

Season’s Pass is not transferable.
Any additional guests will simply need to pay for their own entrance.
Admissions staff may request identification.

Hours and rates subject to change. Zoo may close if weather is bad.