Smallest and Fiercest Predator Attacks

Rebecca StedmanFort Rickey, Uncategorized

Life with animals can be hard. Two weeks ago, while doing morning chores, I discovered 12 of my animal friends dead.

I really like our chickens. Most have names and distinct personalities. I have often said that, if I had  a small farm, the one thing I would want most to have would be chickens. So, it was disheartening to discover all 12 of our chickens dead in their coup. Their coup is secure and well protected with 1 x 2 mesh wire. Whatever killed them had to be really small and the only really small predator capable of this would have to be a weasel….and a really small weasel too.

This is the weasel we trapped a few days later. I believe it is a Long-tailed Weasel. On my scales, it weighed 3 ounces! The chickens it killed were five pounds or, to keep it in perspective, they were 80 ounces. That is approx. 27 times the weight of the weasel! And, it killed 12 in one night!!…and ate only a tiny amount of one.

I can only imagine that tiny weasel being tossed all over the place by the struggling and flapping chickens! And then going back after all of them. That is the equivalent of a single wolf killing two 2,000 pound bull buffalo and then repeating that 12 times in one night! So, 24 big bull buffalo in one night! Incredible and totally impossible!

Killing any animal is not easy for us but we needed to protect our other fowl from this super-predator. This is a picture of the trapper that we hired to remove the weasel. Ed Cutler owns a nuisance wildlife control business called “Crazy Eddie’s” and we are thankful for his services.

This is the first time in 39 years of business that we have suffered losses to a weasel. We have had occasional losses to Great Horned Owls and Fox but nothing like this little guy.