Free Child Pass Discontinued

Rebecca StedmanFort Rickey

Why Has the Free Child Pass Been Discontinued?

Fort Rickey is very proud of the fact that, for several years, we have been able to offer our families one free child for every paying adult. The savings for Central New York families has been considerable. Equally, the cost to Fort Rickey in terms of lost revenue has been considerable. Just the same, we have maintained this generous offer for as long as we could even though it may not have made the most sense financially.

Our decision to discontinue the promotion is based largely upon the impact to our business from recent changes in New York State minimum wage requirements. Small, seasonal businesses like ours depend largely upon high school and college aged employees so our pay scale is tied directly to minimum wage. Increases in the minimum wage consequently have a greater impact on businesses like ours than upon larger enterprises whose pay scale is not tied to minimum wage.

As is now stands, even our starting fourteen-year-olds will receive $9.70 per hour and that is scheduled to increase steadily over the next four years. All of our employees who have been with us for several years will now need to see similar increases in order to maintain a fair gap between beginners and experienced workers.

Frankly, we don’t resent or begrudge these changes to minimum wage. Hopefully, with increased earnings will come increased spending and the entire economy will get a boost. Either way, it is the law and we have no choice but to comply.

It is our hope that our customers who have received years of deep discounts will continue to support our enterprise. In the end, we believe that the experience that we provide to families and especially to children remain well worth the cost of admission. We will continue to do our best to provide families with a rich and full experience with a good value for their money.

There is an additional added value for this season. As a way to offset the increased admission costs, all play areas are offered at no additional charge. This includes the Giant Tube and Tunnel Maze, our very popular Ball Crawl as well as the spectacular new, Jumbo Jumper Pillow Bounce.

Thank you for your loyalty and support over the years.

– The Fort Rickey Team.