Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo Looking for New Owners

Rebecca StedmanFort Rickey, Zoo For Sale

Fort Rickey Children's Discovery Zoo Front Sign

Why are we selling Fort Rickey?

Bobbie and I have owned Fort Rickey since we were twenty-eight years old. We are now approaching our mid-sixties. Owning and living at a zoo has provided us with a rich and full lifestyle filled with adventure, challenge, great friendships, (animals and humans), and most important of all, enormous personal fulfillment.

Our three sons have grown up in the business and are now off chasing their own exciting dreams. It is the right time for us to make room for the next family to carry on our work. It is our hope that new owners will bring new energies and fresh ideas to secure Fort Rickey for the next 35 years.


What will it cost to buy Fort Rickey?

We are not going to provide those numbers here. However, it is important to say up front that purchasing Fort Rickey will not be likely for a family of modest resources. We have worked and invested and built for 34 years. We have established a reputation and brand recognition that has real value. In addition, the business includes a huge log home with 5 bedrooms, three bathrooms, a massive floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, a 20 x 40 in-ground pool, and 55 acres of land with barns, paddocks and improvements. Not to mention, all of the equipment and animals.


To be clear, Fort Rickey is profitable and will generate profits for the new owners from the day they turn the keys. The big question is…….will prospective buyers have enough to put down so that they are not having to carry too large a mortgage? It is likely, for the right buyers, that we will hold at least some of the mortgage.


How soon would we like to sell Fort Rickey?

We are prepared to sell within a year but are comfortable waiting longer for the right family. We also expect to be around to help with the transition.

What should you do if you are genuinely interested?

Send an email that includes a brief background to: