Q Why has the Free Child Pass been discontinued?

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Q What Happened To Waterplay?

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Q How much time should we plan to spend?

Some families bring a picnic and stay 4 hours. If a family only has a little time, they may come and go in an hour. The average stay is right in the middle–about 2 1/2 hours.

Q Can we bring a picnic lunch?

Yes. We also have a concession stand.

Q Can we bring our dog?

No. Although our own dogs are familiar to the zoo animals, strange dogs can make them very anxious.

Q What do you do with the animals in the winter?

This is the most frequently asked question of all. The exotic animals (reptiles and primates) move into a heated building with kennels. Most of the hoofed stock is moved to our property across the road where we have a large barn, hay storage, electricity, and numerous pens.

Some of the native animals stay in their exhibits (bobcats, mountain lions, otter, raccoons, etc.)

Q How can a person get a job at Fort Rickey?

Because we are a seasonal operation, we depend largely upon high school and college students for staffing. We try to have about half of each so that college workers cover the early season (when high school students are still in school), and high school workers cover the end of the season (when college kids have returned to school).

We treat our employees well so many students hold on to their jobs right through college. That makes it pretty competitive. Previous experience is not as important as having good work habits and good communication skills. To get the job application process started, you must send us a letter of introduction. After we have received that, we can contact you for an interview. Fort Rickey – 5135 Rome-New London Rd. Rome, NY 13440

Q Where does the name Fort Rickey come from?

Our property is situated at the junction of Wood Creek and Canada Creek. This was an important transportation route during the early years of European expansion into North America. Both the French and the English fought for control of this route along with their Iroquois allies. In 1759, the British built a fort here to defend this route. They named it after Captain John Rickey of Colonel Peter Schuyler’s New Jersey Regiment.

Q Do you offer discounted season passes?

Yes! Click below for more information.

Q Do you offer rain checks?

Because we often have brief afternoon showers in Central NY, we do not offer rain checks at the first sign of rain. It is our policy to wait 45 minutes from the start of rain. If the rain is more than a light shower and persists for 45 minutes, we will issue rain checks.

Q When do you bring out the animals for presentations?

Our presentation schedule is flexible and depends on animals available, weather, and attendance. On busy summer days, we generally schedule a presentation every hour.

Q Once you have paid your admission, can you leave & come back the same day?

Yes. However, to return you must show your receipt and you must have your hand stamped on the way out.

Q Do you offer any discounts through clubs or grocery stores?

No current discounts available.

Q Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes. Some of the paths are a little rough but everything is accessible.

Q What else is there to do in the area?

Area Attractions

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