Smallest and Fiercest Predator Attacks

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Life with animals can be hard. Two weeks ago, while doing morning chores, I discovered 12 of my animal friends dead. I really like our chickens. Most have names and distinct personalities. I have often said that, if I had  a small farm, the one thing I would want most to have would be chickens. So, it was disheartening to … Read More

Free Child Pass Discontinued

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Why Has the Free Child Pass Been Discontinued? Fort Rickey is very proud of the fact that, for several years, we have been able to offer our families one free child for every paying adult. The savings for Central New York families has been considerable. Equally, the cost to Fort Rickey in terms of lost revenue has been considerable. Just ... Read More

Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo Looking for New Owners

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Fort Rickey Children's Discovery Zoo Front Sign

Why are we selling Fort Rickey? Bobbie and I have owned Fort Rickey since we were twenty-eight years old. We are now approaching our mid-sixties. Owning and living at a zoo has provided us with a rich and full lifestyle filled with adventure, challenge, great friendships, (animals and humans), and most important of all, enormous personal fulfillment. Our three sons … Read More

Oldest Spider Monkey In The World at Fort Rickey

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Gummy the world's oldest spider monkey lives at Fort Rickey Zoo

“Gummy” came to Fort Rickey in 1981 from The Rare Feline Breeding Compound in Florida. At that time, she was 19 years old. For the previous 18 years, she had lived at The San Diego Zoo who had acquired her as an infant from the Tarpon Zoo. She was presumed to have been wild born in 1962. She was shipped, … Read More

Focus on the Mission

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Animal Interactions at the Fort Rickey Zoo

The mission statement at Fort Rickey for over twenty years has been…. “We, at Fort Rickey, are committed to the belief that children, who experience the joy of kind and gentle interaction with wild animals, are more likely to grow up to be adults who care about protecting wildlife.” For the Owners, Len and Roberta Cross, the key words in … Read More

New Wolf Exhibit Opens at Fort Rickey

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Wolves at the Fort Rickey Zoo

The word “wolf” elicits powerful images. For some, the image is that of a fierce and cunning predator. For others, the image is that of a gentle, social member of a pack. Both images are powerful and often conflicting. Regardless of the image, all would agree that the word “wolf” symbolizes the untamed northern wilderness. Man and wolf have competed … Read More